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The SGI-44 Studio Guitar Interface from Radial Engineering is a studio-quality bi-directional effects router that is designed to take the output from a wireless receiver and run the guitar signal to the pedalboard and back. Two SGI-44s are used with one positioned at the wireless end, and the other at the pedalboard. Connection is made using standard XLR cables.

The first unit converts the unbalanced high-impedance guitar signal to a balanced low-impedance signal and the second reverses the process, thus allowing distances of more than 300’ (100m) without noise. For ensuring optimal signal quality, the SGI-44 employs 100% hand-inserted discrete parts with Jensen isolation transformers to make up the class-A circuit. Although less efficient than the chip-based AB circuits, single-ended class-A circuits are preferred by audiophiles due to the lack of zero-cross distortion. This unit delivers transparency and realism. To further improve the feel, it is equipped with Drag Control load correction. This allows you to dial in an optimal load as if connected to a tube guitar amp using a standard guitar cable. For added versatility, this unit comes equipped with a buffered tuner out for quick between song adjustments or can be used to split the guitar signal to a second signal chain if need be.

Made in Canada using 14-gauge steel, this unit is tough. An innovative I-beam internal frame protects the sensitive circuit board from outside stress, which could torque the solder points and cause premature failure. Radial's innovative book-end construction creates recessed zones at each end that protect connectors, switches, and controls from harm.

This unit makes it easy to route guitar signals around a stage, in the studio, or in a large venue while delivering impressive signal quality.

Bi-directional long-distance 'send and receive' effects router
Drive guitar & bass signals beyond 300' (100m)
Separately buffered 1/4" high-impedance tuner output
Drag control lets you adjust the load on passive pickups for a more realistic tone
100% discrete class-A circuitry for optimal signal transfer and low distortion
Works with the Radial JX44 Air Control guitar and amp selector
Durable switches with metal outer casing that are rated to 20,000 cycles for added durability
Jensen high-performance transformer for improved signal handling and greater immunity to noise
Double-sided mil-spec circuit board for greater durability and full ground plane to reduce radio frequency interference
Glass-filled nylon XLR connector with extra-large nickel-silver pin contacts
Book-end design creates a protective zone around the connectors and switches for added durability
Cable clamp prevents accidental power disconnection
No-slip pad provides electrical and mechanical isolation, and keeps the unit from sliding around

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