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The Sennheiser EW 300 G4-HEADMIC1-RC is an easy-to-use rackmount wireless headset microphone system geared for business and educational applications. It offers professional-level features for enhanced reliability and control, including variable RF power, an exceptionally wide tuning range, Ethernet networking for multichannel setups, and an intuitive interface with an OLED display and jog wheel. The system delivers high-quality, reliable audio to presenters, meeting participants, educators, and lecturers working in conference centers, schools, and universities.

The EW 300 G4-HEADMIC1-RC includes a true-diversity, half-rack receiver housed in a rugged, full-metal chassis. The receiver's auto-scan function searches an 88 MHz UHF tuning range with 3520 selectable frequencies available, seeking out a clean, interference-free channel for your audio transmission. The high-contrast OLED display with automatic dimming, along with a convenient jog wheel allow you make quick adjustments, even in low-light situations.

The system comes with a silver SL Headmic 1 omnidirectional headset microphone and a remote-controllable SK 300 G4-RC bodypack transmitter for hands-free operation. The headset's lightweight, comfortable, and flexible design is discreet, stable, and easy to place over the ears. The transmitter provides up to 8 hours of operation on two AA batteries, with a selectable 10/30/50mW RF power output for overcoming interference in difficult RF environments. The transmission range is up to 330'.

The Ethernet connection on the receiver supports Wireless Systems Manager (WSM) and Sennheiser Control Cockpit software for management, monitoring, and advanced frequency coordination in multichannel setups. Up to 32 wireless mics can operate simultaneously in the same space.

The EW 300 G4-HEADMIC1-RC is backward-compatible with all previous evolution systems. You can mix and match G4/G3/G2/G1 receivers or bodypack, handheld, and plug-on transmitters. It is also compatible with EW 100 and EW 500 systems.

Headset Mic and Remote-Ready Bodypack Transmitter for Hands-Free Presentations

The SL Headmic 1 headset microphone features a forgiving omnidirectional pickup pattern and is optimized for high speech intelligibility.


The headset plugs into the locking 3.5mm connection on the compact SK 300 G4-RC bodypack transmitter. The adjustable input sensitivity on the transmitter accommodates mic levels ranging from booming voices to quiet speech.

The rugged, all-metal SK 300 G4-RC transmitter is equipped with a 2.5mm jack to connect the RMS 1 remote mute switch (available separately). The switch adds easy-access push-to-talk and push-to-mute functions to your transmitter.

The transmitter features a programmable mute function and can be locked out to prevent accidental changes during a performance. A backlit LCD displays essential information and provides fast menu access. The transmitter syncs to the receiver via infrared with a quick press on the Sync button.

The SK 300 G4-RC is powered via two AA batteries or a rechargeable BA 2015 Accupack battery (available separately). Side contacts allow for recharging the Accupack without removing it from the transmitter-requires the L 2015 quick-charging unit (available separately).

Easy-to-Operate Receiver with True-Diversity Reception

The robust, metal EM 300-500 G4 receiver offers a high-contrast, black-&-white OLED display. The display uses a streamlined menu system with a jog wheel and dedicated Escape button for quick menu navigation. The display also shows battery status of the associated transmitter.


The system features 20 fixed frequency banks with up to 32 compatible frequency presets and 6 user banks with up to 32 user-programmable frequencies.

To prevent interference, the EM 300-500 receiver's true-diversity reception compares incoming signals on two independent receiver circuits to ensure optimal RF quality.

The built-in equalizer enables you to change the frequency response of the output signal; you can reduce the bass range and boost the treble range. The receiver also offers an adjustable output level range of 48 dB to match the audio input of your mixing board or PA system.

A headphone output with volume control is conveniently located on the front panel, allowing you to monitor your audio signal.

The back panel houses a balanced XLR output as well as an unbalanced 1/4" output. A kit is included for rackmount installation. The unit comes with a universal power supply and EU, US, UK, Korea, Australia, and China adapters.

For public address applications, the EM 300-500 G4 receiver can be integrated directly into the LSP 500 PRO wireless speaker system.

Time-Saving Options via WSM and Sennheiser Control Cockpit Software

The receiver features an Ethernet (RJ45) port for network-based remote monitoring and control using the Sennheiser Wireless System Manager (WSM) software (free download available separately). Using your Mac/Windows computer, the software allows you to quickly coordinate frequencies in multichannel setups, display audio levels at the transmitter, battery status, and more.


Alternately, you can use the Sennheiser Control Cockpit software (free download available separately), designed to make the daily routines and workflows associated with the use of large wireless microphone setups in corporate and campus settings far easier. Wireless systems can be centrally controlled and monitored in real time, easily via a web browser on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Enhance the Performance of Your System

The detachable antennas with BNC sockets allow you to create a larger system using up to four EM 300-500 G4 receivers connected to a single pair of remote antennas. This setup requires the ASA 214 active antenna splitter (available separately).


Adding a pair of A 1031-U omnidirectional antennas or a pair of A 2003 UHF directional antennas increases the range of your system and offers increased protection against interference.

Add Functionality to Your System

Sennheiser offers a variety of lavalier, headset, and handheld microphone options to adapt your EW system as your needs evolve.


  • The discreet ME 2-II lavalier microphone provides exceptional clarity in spoken-word applications.
  • The SKM 300 G4 handheld transmitter is available with a multitude of mic capsule options for presenters and performers who prefer the flexibility of a handheld microphone.

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