Xvision Converter Audio2sdi

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The xVision Video Converter with SDI Audio Embedder from Theatrixx Technologies is designed to be used while on the road. It features an integrated power supply with a locking powerCON connector and a built-in AC outlet to power a nearby projector, TV, or laptop. There is an SDI input, HDMI input, an SDI output, and two balanced, 4 dB XLR analog audio inputs each with a 3-segment LED meter. This converter combines analog audio with incoming HDMI or SDI into the reclocked SDI output with automatic input detection. It can be mounted using a C-clamp, wall-mount adapter, LCD mount adapter, or belt adapter (available separately).

Magnetic stacking system and non-skid rubber pad for tabletop application
Rugged, tour-ready, and aesthetic enclosure
Plug-and-play operation
Clear and ample status LED indicators for quick troubleshooting
Easy on-the-field identification with unique color and alphabetic coding system
Locking HDMI port prevents accidental disconnection
Designed and assembled in Canada

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