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This handy party gizmo is equipped with the "Double Bubble Wheel" designed to produce a solid, plentiful amount of bubbles continuously. The B-100´s mouth directs a high output of bubbles up into the air while simultaneously recycling liquid and eliminating dripping. Easy refills and the included hanging bracket makes the B-100 very user-friendly.

Without doubt, the B-100 is sure to make any celebration a memorable one.

Note: the B-100X contains a control board allowing the bubble machine to use the wireless and timer remote controls. The B-100, without this board, cannot use these remote controls. The two versions are identical in all other aspects.

» Power :AC120V 60Hz
» Power Consumption : 25 W
» Tank Capacity : 1 liter
» Fluid Consumption Rate : 2 hr / liter
» Optional Remotes for B-100X Only : Z-10 (ON/OFF Remote) , BCT-1 (Timer Remote) , BCR-1 (Wireless Remote)
» Weight : 4.2 Kg
» Dimensions (mm) : L 341 W 170 H 172

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